What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling brings the ancient art of telling stories to life using technology. While the art of storytelling has been around for thousands of years, the advent of personal computers and approachable communication technologies has allowed storytelling to become digital.
The ability to personalize stories with pictures and personal narration gives the story special meaning not only for the creator, but for the listeners. Digital Storytelling provides new ways to combine various technology mediums such as graphics, audio, video, animation and web site publishing to create powerful stories for all to see and hear., 2007

What software applications can you use?

  • Free Web-Based Video Editors (see links below)
  • ipad apps such as Magisto, Videolicious, PuppetPals, Sock Puppets
  • Windows Movie Maker and PhotoStory (laptops)

Tutorials, PowerPoints, Training Videos, etc.
Web Resources

DigiTales: The Art of TellingDigital Stories: resources and inspiration for families, individuals, schools, everyone else ready to discover the power and magic of merging the art of storytelling with
the enchantment of using digital tools.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling: Great site created by professors and graduate students from University of Houston. All the resources you will need to start this activity with your students: examples sorted by curriculum, tools needed, PhotoStory 3 tutorial, rubrics, and more.

Integrating Digital Storytelling in your Classroom: Lots and lots of good stuff (integration ideas, storyboard resources, rubrics, examples, and more)

Jackson County Schools: Links, Ideas, and Examples

**Open Thinking Wiki (Digital Storytelling):** popular Web resource for K-12 teachers interested in digital storytelling platforms. The wiki lists a number of helpful starting points and links for educators who want to integrate multimedia presentations into their classroom lessons.

21st Century Teaching: Ideas for PhotoStory 3 Projects

FREE Web-Based Video Editors and Animated Presentation Sites
YouTube's Video Editor: Upload your videos to your YouTube Account and edit them for free. Features include combining videos, rotating and trimming clips, add text effects, music, transitions, and stabilize clips.

NEW_for_wiki.gifWeVideo EDU: This tool comes with lots of options!! Not only does it provide movie editing tools, but it also comes with it's own audio editor. Combine both video clips and photos!! With WeVideo, you can collaborate with others on video stories. You can co-create the same video or come up with your own unique versions from the clips in your own cloud-based video library. Once created, you can share your video in basic Internet or high-definition quality on the WeVideo site or publish it to your favorite video-sharing, social-networking, or other online site!!

WeVideo Help Hub (complete set of both video and paper tutorials) Get started here!!

PowToons: Create animated videos and presentations. Captivate, Engage, Explain!! FREE!

Digital Storytelling Examples (student projects)

YouTube Channel with lots of Movie Book Trailer Examples ...good stuff!!

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (Retold by Ms. McGarry & Ms. Mancuso's Students/ESE)

The Life of a Math Teacher (Career Unit Project for Mrs. Boljonis' Home and Career's Class)

Native Americans

Maggie's Patriotism Project

Ms. Smith's Movie Trailer Project ( Created by A. Bush and G. Mangicaro)