Quick Response Codes, also called QR Codes, are similar to a bar code in that when scanned it retrieves information that is stored on the web. They can be easily generated using one of the many free, QR Code generator websites. These codes can be linked to any web based material (text, image, video, web site, etc..). Codes are then scanned from a mobile device using a QR Code Reader app, which will then open up the web hosted material for information.

The appearance of a QR Code varies from the standard square black and white image, to color codes, to codes that are in the shape of an image or when generated, embedded in a separate image file. It all depends on the options of the QR Code generating site.

Scan this QR Code and see where it takes you!

Are they hard to make?
No! Simple...simple...simple!

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FREE QR Code Generator Sites

Web Based:

QR Stuff.com
Very simple to use. Codes can be linked to a variety of data types (web content). Codes can come in a variety of colors and embossed over an image for free.

QR Code Monkey
This site allows you to impose a graphic on top of your QR Code. Either use logos provided or upload your own.

**QR Code Generator**
Basic. Easy to use. Link to variety of data types.

For Mobile Devices:

Qrafter - QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator

Barcode Generator (Android)

FREE QR Code Readers

QR Reader for iPhone

QR Droid

This is the one I use.

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