The Common Core and Technology Integration (presentation at NYSCATE Annual Conference, November 2011):
The Common Core Standards call for technology to be integrated seamlessly into instruction, thereby empowering students to publish online, critically evaluate Internet resources and use and understand multimedia's impact on instruction. This presentation is intended as a discussion of tools, resources and strategies for helping with the transition to the common core, especially as they relate to technology integration. of how this integration will transform learning.

Common Core & Technology Integration Slideshare Presentation
Presented at NYSCATE Conference
Created by Linda Brandon, Lakeland Central School District

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Useful LINKS for Integrating Technology into the CC

Common-Core and Tech Wiki
Pages include CC Resources, Reading and Writing Standards, Speaking & Listening Resources, and tons of technology integration tools and suggestions!

CC Curriculum Maps for ELA (Digital Resources)

Infusing Technology into the Common Core Live Binder
This binder has it all! Binder tabs include ELA and Math CCS, CC Digital Resources, CC Science Matrix, Why Digital Writing Mathers, TPACK Activities (Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge), Common Core Toolkit, Apps, CC & Social Studies, The Teaching Channel Common Core, Learn Zillion, and many more!!

new label for wiki.pngOnline Tools for Supporting the ELA Common Core State Standards
A large selection of Web 2.0 Read & Write tools that support the ELA CCSS.

Rochester City Schools List of iPad Apps Aligned with Common Core (K-2)
K-2 Common Core State Standards Initiative aligned iPad apps. Site provides image of app icon, app name, link to app for download, and ccs by grade level.

Technology and the Common Core Live Binder
This is your one-stop-shop for all your CC and TI needs!! Tons of resources and lesson ideas aligned with the Woodlstock School District's Technology Integration Framework. This framework provides technology integration curriculum for each common core standard broken down nicely by grade level. This curriculum is also alisned with the ISTE Standards (International Society for Technology in Education).

Useful FILES for Integrating Technology into the CC